The Frontier Food Hub is a program of The National Center for Frontier Communities a 501 (c) 3 non-profit headquartered in Silver City, New Mexico.  

The Hub was developed out of several years of Food Policy Council meetings with regional experts, on the ground, data driven research, input from growers, buyers, food pantries, schools and other stakeholders in the region as a comprehensive, market driven solution to rampant disconnection and under investment in the local food system.  

As a mission based non-profit organization, 100% of our profits go directly back into supporting the local food system through jobs, food donations, educational opportunities and more.  


The Frontier Food Hub has several key functions aimed at realizing a more cohesive, inclusive and thriving food system in Southwest New Mexico.  

Food Hub Market Operations: 

The Food Hub works with dozens of growers around the region and provides, marketing, aggregation, logistics, consulting and other services designed to ensure growers have access to the resources needed to connect to successfully operate a farm business. 

Food Pantry Capacity: 

The Food Hub works with for pantries in Catron, Grant, Hidalgo and Luna county and has hosted regional food pantry convening to identify challenges and collaborate on solutions facing food pantries.  Additionally, the Hub has distributed nearly 100,000 lbs of healthy bulk and staple foods and over $10,000 worth of fresh, locally grown produce to local food pantries.

The SWNM Seed Library: 

The Food Hub provides backbone support for the SWNM Seed Library.  The seed library is a free resource to all farmers, gardeners and hobbyists in the region and aims to provide quality education and continuously build up our community cache of regionally adapted seeds.  Currently operating at 6 locations around Grant County, the Seed Library hopes to expand to nearby communities in the near future. 


This is the marketplace for the Frontier Food Hub.  Here you will be able to subscribe to our Fresh Box Program, purchase add on items and get to know more about Food Hub Producers and find out about upcoming events! 

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