Local Beef

The Frontier Food Hub is partnering with local ranchers to offer boxes of 100% local range-fed and grass-finished beef or grain-finished beef. This meat is 100% local, free from GMO’s, antibiotics, hormones and comes from small, sustainable ranches in southwest New Mexico.

This program supports local meat production and processing by saving ranchers hundreds of miles of driving and helping to circumvent the exploitive and over-regulated meat industry. Purchasing local meat is one more step to realizing a locally controlled and decentralized food system capable of creating jobs, providing for the community and withstanding national supply chain volatilities.

We are offering three different kinds of beef in a wide variety of different package options.  Read on for more information or click here to jump to the ordering page (Note: Make sure to set your Order Period to Local Beef Program to see our offers for this program). 

Range Beef

Range Beef is a cow that has been fed on 100% pasture greens. No feed-lot, no finishing- these cows have spent their entire lives roaming the wild New Mexico hill sides. They are lean, nutritious and their meat most closely resembles the meat of elk or other wild ruminants. All range beef comes ground and with separately packaged soup bones. Our Range-Beef is $6.75/lb. 

Grass-Finished Beef

Grass-Finished Beef is fattened and finished on natural grass and is rich, tender and contains 50% more good fats, 8x more beta carotene and is better for the environment then feed lot finished beef. Our grass-finished beef comes in a wide variety of different cuts and package options.  Check out our package options below.  Grass-Finished Beef is $12/lb.

Grain-Finished Beef

Grain-Finished beef is conventionally fattened, well marbled local cows finished on grains. It most closely resembles the beef found in grocery stores. Our Grain-Finished beef comes in the same packages as our Grass-Finished beef.  Price is $12/lb for Grain-Finished Beef. 


Please note that you are purchasing a share of a live animal and the processing is being offered as a free service. This product is processed in clean, USDA inspected local butcher shops, but the meat does not have a USDA certification. This reduces cost and provides more benefit to the local economy. The Frontier Food Hub is assisting with payment processing and distribution. The weights listed are typical, average weights and may vary slightly. The charts are given as a general guideline, all cuts listed on charts will be included.